Marketing Automation

Helping businesses convert even more quotes.

Making your sales follow-up process EASY

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation utilises software to automate the repetitive sales follow-up process through email and other channels to maximise conversion and save time. With careful planning the entire experience can be personalised for each prospect.

The Problem...

When it comes to following-up on the quotes your business sends, there is a good chance you’re calling and emailing your prospects manually. Perhaps you don’t even get to do it as consistently as you would like? When you have a load of quotes to follow-up each month, the manual process is very time consuming and highly inefficient.

The solution...

Rather than chasing those prospects manually, part of the follow-up process (even the entire process) can be automated. Marketing Automation is the NEW WAY of being super-efficient and is the secret to increasing your quote conversion rate.

Ian Watson Websites & Marketing
can automate the sales follow-up process
for your business

Ian Watson Websites & Marketing can automate the sales follow-up process for your business

Any business within the field service industry that relies on sending quotes & proposals to prospective clients will benefit from sales follow-up automation

Automatic Entry Systems
Fire Protection
Facilities Management
Electrical Contractors
Heating & Plumbing

The Benefits

More Efficient
Marketing automation will save you hours every single month.

Education & Higher Conversion Rates
Using EDUCATIONAL content within emails, your prospects will learn about the solutions you offer, your great service, and what they can expect when proceeding with works. As prospects are more informed about the services you offer and the benefits, they will be more inclined to buy from you.

Easy to Implement

Everything is Done for You
The entire system is setup for you and completely customised to your business and the quotations that you send. All you need to provide are a few pictures of your past projects, some testimonials, and some info about your products/services.

Sending a Quote is Easy
Simply add the prospects information, then attach and select the type of quote you’re sending. See video >

What you get

Bespoke Email PLatform

Custom built email platform that you will use to send your quotations. It includes several programable settings when you send each quote which will determine the type of automatic follow-up that occurs.

Email Automation Software

Using “if this then that” logic, your entire sales follow-up process will be managed using email automation to rigorously automate email sequences, SMS texts, reminders, actions, alerts and more.

SMS Text Messages

SMS text messages are sent automatically to alert and educate your prospects. Text messaging is a proven method to increase engagement.

Bespoke Interaction Page

Your prospects will have multiple opportunities to interact with your content and request assistance. That interaction will trigger several different programmable actions and will even 'score' the prospect which will allow you to assess who is more likely to buy.

Bespoke eSign Purchase Order

When your prospect is ready to proceed, accepting your quote is easy. Prospects will be directed to an electronic agreement to sign thus eliminating paper-based contracts. It's easy to use, completely customisable to your business, and legally binding.

Account Manager

You don't need to be a tech-wizard to set this up because everything will be done for you. Your Account Manager will create the entire system and will be on hand indefinitely to make any amendments to the automation as required.

Grow your business with
sales follow-up automation

Without marketing automation, you could be losing out on multiple projects and huge amounts of revenue. The process is simple, just 3 easy steps to more success.

1. Send your

When you send a quote, you and your quote recipient will receive a series of automatically triggered emails, texts, and alert reminders.

2. Targeted

Your quote recipients will go through a targeted education funnel that’s segmented and customised according to the type of quotation you send and who you send it to. 

3. Your Sales
Revenue Increases

Marketing automation saves you time and boosts your chances of paid work. In turn, your revenue will increase and that means more profit!

Frequently Asked Questions

This service is designed for business owners in the field service industry who want a better way to improve the sales follow-up process, save time and convert more quotations into paying jobs. It’s perfect for businesses who send on average 25+ quotations a month.

The automation can be programmed to follow-up all types of different quotes. For example, you may want a particular sequence for new installation quotations and a completely different sequence for maintenance contracts & renewals. The creative imagination is endless.

You can still use marketing automation to help your Sales Manager save time and prioritise their tasks. For example, we can program high-value quotations to be part-automated allowing your Sales Manager to take over and be in control of the quote when required. To help manage this, they will be supplied with an online sales pipeline that will automatically populate with quotes that require their attention.

It may be possible to integrate your job management software with this system meaning that you can continue to send your quotes within your existing system and still benefit from marketing automation. We can discuss integration possibilities in greater depth during the consultation. 

Marketing Automation by Ian Watson Websites & Marketing really is special. If saving time and closing more deals is of any interest to you then you’ll know it’s a no-brainer. The service includes the quote email portal, the email automation software, text message integration, an interactive webpage for feedback and queries, an online purchase order for your clients to sign a legally binding quote acceptance form, proven email templates customised to your business and a dedicated Account Manager who takes care of everything for you.

My done-for-you service is a monthly subscription and is incredibly affordable. Get a consultation with me and we’ll go through everything. The idea of the consultation is to fully inform you about marketing automation and how it can be implemented and benefit your specific business. If you dont sign up for the service, at least you know you have been fully informed so it’s a WIN-WIN.

Yes, this service is backed by a solid 30-day money back guarantee in case you decide that sales follow-up automation is not for you. I want you to be comfortable with this investment, and if you’re not blown away by what you see & learn then just shoot me an email and request a refund within 30 days. 

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